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Why You Should Integrate Your Email Marketing With Your Social Media Marketing Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email marketing is still considered more effective than social media marketing, since the latter can be chaotic and difficult to measure. Yet, a marketing strategy that’s hip to the future needs to have both. Perhaps they shouldn’t be considered as separate entities, but two strategies working in tandem to drive customers to your business.

For example, social sites have strong click-through rates, and you might be able to swing traffic from there to your newsletters, which promise content in the form your customers want it most. Still, marketers think they need to choose one channel over the other.

This infographic by ReachMail demonstrates how marketers have changed their spending over the last year, with a 60 percent increase in cash toward email marketing, and a nearly 50 percent increase toward social. The result is a collection of social shares across the networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) that vary in worth even though they all have similar click-through rates (roughly 6 percent).

According to ReachMail, the best thing to do may be to equalize. See below for tips on how to better integrate your email marketing and your social channels.

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