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comScore Releases New Report on Ad-Blocking and Invalid Traffic [Infographic]

As noted by comScore in the opening of their Q1 2016 Advertising Benchmarks report:

“Digital advertising has experienced strong growth with no signs of slowing down, but in order to continue its global boom the industry needs to ensure clean ad delivery – meaning ads are viewable to the consumer and free from fraud. After all, an ad that isn’t seen can’t have an impact.”

Based on their Multi-Platform measurement system, which measures performance across more than 300,000 digital media entities, comScore’s provided a whole range of new stats on ad-blocking, invalid traffic and low viewability rates across the digital landscape. And their findings highlight some concerning results, including:

  • Younger users are significantly more likely to block ads, especially young males
  • Sophisticated Invalid Traffic, which requires advanced analytics to detect, is on the rise
  • More than half of ads worldwide still don’t have the opportunity to be seen

comScore's incorporated their findings into a new infographic – you can download the full report from comScore or check out the visualization below.

comScore Releases New Report on Ad-Blocking and Invalid Traffic [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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