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Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy for the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season [Infographic]

The holiday season is when retailers and eCommerce businesses have their best quarter, and email marketing is still the cheapest way to put products in front of shoppers and convert sales, so it only makes sense to have an email marketing strategy ready to roll out for the 2015 holiday shopping season.

So what exactly goes into a successful email marketing campaign, especially around the holidays?

Well, a holiday-themed template/design is key, but you need to make sure it fits your branding. It's easy to tell when companies go outside of their brand guidelines just to cater to a holiday or calendar event.

On top of that, Campaigner put together this infographic on the best practices for a holiday email marketing campaign, and one of the most important parts of the email is incorporating social media buttons. 71% of eCommerce businesses polled by Campaigner said that social integration into emails is the No. 1 add on for them, which makes sense. Sharing content on social media is free and easy, and driving the members of your email list to share your offers through social media helps the virality of your content. 

In addition to social buttons, mobile is of huge importance to marketers, as 70% of retailers believe that mobile sales are going to increase this holiday season, so make sure your emails are mobile friendly. More importantly, your email template should be mobile responsive, meaning that your emails will fit the screen size of any device.

Perhaps the most important piece that's pointed out in the infographic is that 57% of retailers are making list segmentation a priority. By using an email automation tool—software like HubSpot, Marketo and SharpSpring—marketers can segment their lists based on the interests of their customers as well as how they're interacting with their website. By deploying this type of tactic, retailers are able to send more targeted messages through email, increasing the chance of conversion. 

Check out the last tip by Campaigner below in the infographic and start preparing your holiday campaign.

Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy for the 2015 Holiday SeasonInfographic via Campaigner

Thumbnail image via Shutterstock

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    Nov 9 Posted 1 year ago omer Hi, Thanks for a great article. While it's really important to have a strategy for seasonal time periods, today's software can help you execute your strategy. Email marketing software used to demand many employees in various positions such as copywriters, graphic designers, HTML coding, marketers, etc. It's a challenge for SMB companies to invest in all these resources without knowing the ROI. These days, email marketing software takes into account the SMB companies and is better suited towards their company needs. We've come along way from the days where we had to "half-manually" DIY email marketing to today's current DFY (Do It For You) approach where all you need is to config your strategy to the software wizard and the system will do everything by itself for you. I wrote this article about email marketing platforms for SMBs that we've tested out. Would love to hear some feedback! SMB email marketing the holistic approach

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