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Email Builder Comparison – GetResponse Vs MailChimp Vs Aweber

Email Builder Comparison – GetResponse Vs MailChimp Vs  Aweber | Social Media TodayAn email marketing tool has three main priority areas: lead capture, content creation and deliverability. Most marketers pick their email marketing software based mainly on deliverability and affordability, but lead capture and content creation are equally important areas to consider, and a tool that does well here could make or break your marketing automation strategy.

In this article, we we'll compare the biggest email marketing tools based on their email builder tools.



GetResponse is used by more than 350,000 businesses worldwide and reaches nearly one billion subscribers each month. Their Email Creator tool is beautifully designed and enables users to drag-and-drop the various elements on their newsletter without any technical know-how - this includes the ability to edit images on the fly. The in-built Image Editor goes beyond just scaling, resizing or cropping images and lets users add visual effects like Sepia, Desaturation or Blur, add stickers, markups or text and adjust brightness, saturation or contrast of the pictures – all from within your Email Creator.

One of the other big advantages of GetResponse is that out of the box, users get access to more than 500 readymade templates and over a 1000 photos to include into your newsletters. The Email Creator also lets users save reuse custom-built templates for future needs.

In all, GetResponse has a quite sophisticated email builder module that lets you customize your email without the need to code - although that is still possible for advanced users.



Users of Aweber have the option to choose between plain text and HTML-based emails. The drag-and-drop editor lets you add new images, text boxes or buttons into your email message with little fuss. In terms of readymade templates, Aweber hosts more than 700 different templates and 6000+ stock-free images to choose from.

But although there's a larger volume of images to choose from, Aweber doesn't provide an image editor tool built into the email creator. While that can partly be compensated with third party tools, the bigger point of disappointment is that users are explicitly instructed to not modify or tamper with the images in any way. In their note, Aweber states that end users are prohibited from any sort of modification of images (that are sourced from Getty Images). So from this perspective, Aweber may not be the best choice if you're looking for an email builder that will help you build visually attractive newsletters.



This is another great option to consider while evaluating email builder tools. MailChimp's Email Designer has a click-and-drag interface that lets you add elements like text boxes, image groups, social sharing buttons and custom footers to your email text. Like GetResponse, MailChimp too has a native photo editing tool that lets you crop, resize and enhance images, however, the options are rather limited compared to the full-fledged list of image editing tools that's available with its competitor. One thing that MailChimp does well is with collaboration where you can send test emails to fellow collaborators who have the option to add comments and offer feedback for these designs.

MailChimp has a pretty good share of readymade templates too and the app lets teams handle various user-levels during the email creation process. Other standard options available with MailChimp include the ability to merge tags (customizing email with the recipient name, their company, etc.).

All the three newsletter platforms we compared are great in their own way. GetResponse has a sophisticated image editor along with a large collection of ready to use templates and images, making it a top bet. MailChimp does well with collaboration. Aweber has a larger repository of ready-to-access images, but its insistence of non-modification can be a dampener.

What's your choice? Tell us your pick in the comments.  

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