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Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age [Podcast]

This podcast features Jon Wuebben, CEO of Content Launch, a popular content marketing software platform for agencies and businesses to plan, create, launch, promote and measure content. Jon is a content marketing expert with 20 years under his belt. In addition to being a passionate marketing guy, Jon's also a singer and songwriter. He shares his vast content marketing knowledge through speaking at events and authoring books.

Jon has written three books. On this episode, Jon and I are diving into his latest book: Future Marketing, Winning in the Prosumer Age. It’s a book for marketers, business owners, and anyone who wants to “future proof” their marketing plans.

The Inspiration to Write Future Marketing

Jon was significantly influenced by Alvin Toffler’s book 'The Third Wave' that was published in 1980. Toffler coined the phrase “prosumer,” which is a mashup of consumer and producer coming together. Jon says we're all prosumers today. We share and interact with brands on the Internet which helps brands reach their audience. Essentially, prosumers are doing marketing for the brand.

Jon wrote Future Marketing for any marketer involved or interested in marketing. He also says anyone interested in seeing the big picture of the future of content marketing, like the C-Suite, will get value from his book. The book includes many predictions from well known futurists. It encourages the reader to take the marketing planning process more seriously, specifically long-range planning.

Futurists and their Predictions

Many of the predictions made by the futurists listed in Future Marketing are already in motion.

For example, you can take part in a virtual reality test drive of an Audi car in your living room. Thomas Frey, one of the futurists spotlighted in Jon’s book, is Google’s resident futurist. He talks about the eight dimensions of the web. Another futurist mentioned is Ray Kurzweil. He believes that we'll be spending a lot of time in virtual and augmented reality in the future. Jon says that holographic technology will allow salespeople to have face-to-face meetings with prospects, rather than over the phone or through video. In many ways, future technology will make it more efficient for marketers to create a great experience and for salespeople to close a sale.

What’s Next?

The traditional marketing construct (the 4 P’s of marketing) is out of date according to Jon. He came up with a new construct called EP Squared that can be put to use now.

EP Squared covers: Engagement, Experiences, Personalization, and Passion. The assistance of AI enabled tools will help with some elements of Jon’s new marketing construct.

Jon predicts that in 2030 there will be computers everywhere. He says the Internet will be accessible anywhere without carrying around a laptop or other device. In 2030 Jon expects augmented reality to be mainstream. He also says there'll be great amounts of artificial marketing intelligence and widespread use of the Internet of Things. Jon’s recommendation is to start researching technologies now so that you'll be prepared to leverage them. You can also start testing in a marketing campaign and get a jump start on your competition.

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