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Gender-Busting Super Bowl 50: How Women Engage With the Advertising Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

Super Bowl: not just for the dudes anymore.

The biggest American advertising event of the year is upon us. During Sunday’s Super Bowl, at least as many eyes will be on the ads as on the game, and real-time reactions and digital engagements with those ads will be meticulously measured and dissected in the days following.

Many ads you can already watch online (one of my favorites is the clever Adobe Marketing spot) but some ads—like the wryly teased Coke/Marvel partnership—are game-day only. For marketers and advertisers, both online and off, its one of the biggest pushes of the entire year. 

The infographic below, by the product discovery and reviews platform, Influenster, suggests that advertisers should be seriously considering women in their target demographic if they haven’t already. 80% of surveyed women planning on watching the game this year, and 78% of those identifying the commercials as the biggest draw for watching. Think women will only care about personal care brands during the Super Bowl commercials? Think again. 87% of those women pay the most attention to ads about snacks and beverages (with Doritos and Budweiser at the top of that list.)

Last year I live-tweeted the Super Bowl ads for Social Media Today and was astonished at how many uber-masculine—and uber-similar—truck spots there were. This year, one of my favorite spots is the Hyundai Ryanville ad (yes, women buy cars, too) and the placement of super-women Helen Mirren and Amy Schumer in prominent Bud Light ads.

Brandwatch recently released some data that showed women are slightly more active on social than men. More importantly, more than 50% of women use social media to interact with brands, compared to 36% of men. Looking at how the major performers on Sunday’s commercial breaks translate engagement with the female demographic to social will be something I’ll be keeping my eye on. 

gender busting super bowl 50


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