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How to Get More Clicks on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dan Zarrella of HubSpot analyzed 200,000 link containing tweets and tried to figure out why some had higher click-through rates. The infographic below explains his findings.

Zarrella found that tweets between 120 and 130 characters long had the highest click-through rates. The most clicked on links appeared about 25% of the way into the tweet.

Tweeting more than 4 times per hour significantly decreases the click-through rate of your tweets.

Certain words were associated with higher click-through rates, such as “via,” “RT,” and “please.” While other words, including “@addthis” or “marketing” were associated with lower click-through rates.

Tweets with more adverbs and verbs did better than ones with more nouns and adjectives.

Tweets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday did better than those on other days of the week. As well, tweets sent in the morning had lower click-through rates than those in the afternoons. 

"I’ve often said that the best use of Twitter is as a broadcast medium," writes Zarrella. "You should be creating a ton of interesting content and sharing it with your followers."

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