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How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business [Infographic]

Online reputation management (ORM) is a critical consideration for any business, restaurant and travel-focused brands in particular. Nowadays, what people say and write about your business on social media, in discussion groups, on industry forums or review sites has much more impact and influence than what brands convey in their owned media and advertising efforts.

The folks at Websitebuilder recently came up with this brilliant infographic that does a stellar job at summarizing some of the key elements and stats regarding how these reviews can make or break some businesses. We all know this in the travel and hospitality realm, with the likes of TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp and OTA sites such as or, for example. But interestingly enough - and showing that they're not alone in this mainstream phenomenon - you'll also see there are various other industries that must now deal with the challenges of online reputation management.

Check out the complete infographic below:

How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business [Infographic] | Social Media Today


This post was originally published on Frederic Gonzalo's blog

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