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How to Reach Your Target Customers on Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is here.

Well not here now, no need to rush off and buy those last-minute flowers just yet, but Valentine’s Day is coming, there’s less than a week to go before the annual day of love – which also means there’s less than a week to go to get your Valentine that perfect gift.

But worse than that, for marketers, there’s only a few days left to make a big push and promote your Valentine’s Day offers. But don’t worry, according to new data from The Shelf, nearly two-thirds of Americans – who spend an average of $142 each on the event - don’t begin planning till a week or less before the actual day.

These are just two of the insights included in this new infographic, outlining some key details and behavioral trends around Valentine’s Day and how Americans utilize social media and online platforms in their Valentine's gift process. The full detail's below, while a complete data breakdown and summary is available on The Shelf’s website.     

How to Reach Your Target Customers on Valentine’s Day [Infographic] | Social Media Today


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