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How Remarketing Can Be Used to Increase Revenue [Infographic]

Remarketing is a strategy that a lot of brands use to drive traffic back to their website, but I don’t think increasing revenue is always top of mind when creating that strategy.

That’s probably why Quick Sprout put together this infographic on how remarketing can be used to increase revenue, and it all starts with why remarketing is so important:

  • 96% of site visitors leave a website before converting

  • 49% of site visitors visit a website 2-4 times before converting

  • 70% of the time, online shopping carts are abandoned

  • 60+% of the items in a shopping cart aren’t purchased by users

The most important aspect of remarketing is creating your lists and making them as targeted and relevant as possible. My favorite tip from Quick Sprout comes from No. 7 in the Tips section: “Set up conversion tracking and make sure to stop sending ads to customers that have already converted.” As the marketing manager of a digital agency, I see this mistake made all of the time, and the result is that a lot of money is wasted showing remarketing ads to users who have already converted.

Check out the rest of Quick Sprout’s remarketing tips and suggestions below. Whether you’re running remarketing through Google AdWords, Facebook, or AdRoll, be sure to follow these Quick Sprout tips.

Remarketing infographicInfographic via Quick Sprout

Thumbnail image via Shutterstock


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