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No Matter What Your Job Title, Social Media Has Changed Your Job (for the Better) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media has changed traditional job roles and requires the creation of entirely new jobs. An infographic from Modern Servant Leaders looks at the ways that job responsibilities have changed their core principals since social media changed the rules of the game for businesses and corporations.

Marketing jobs are used to be all about push. Now they are about pull. “Most marketers focused on advertising, promotions and creating awareness through disruption of unrelated content,” according to an article on the website Modern Servant Leader. “With the emergence of social media technologies, this responsibility shifts from mostly push to mostly pull (inbound) marketing.”

Public relations jobs have also changed. “From faux to frank.” In the old days, PR people tried to present a picture public perfect image. Perfection isn’t possible with the greater transparency that social has brought about.

“Corporate walls guarding culture are now windows. As a result, Public Relations now focuses more on a frank dialogue about the reality of a given situation. Instead of presenting a veneer identity, Public Relations ensures a candid and balanced story is presented to the public,” according to the Modern Servant Leader article.

Customer service may have changed the most. Now it is provided via a new channel: social. “Customer service was positioned by many to control post-sale costs rather than to serve the customer,” according the article. “Now that bad customer experiences are quickly shared and escalated to massive scales, it is more important than ever to empathize with unhappy consumers. The best customer service departments act more like a consumer advocate and less like a corporate drone.”

Social media has also created new roles such as community managers and analysts. Indeed.com suggests that the social jobs most often advertised for are social media managers, then social media directors, with internships following at a distant 3rd.

The main take away? Social media has made most jobs more responsive. Customers can now communicate their needs directly and publically with companies. No matter what department you work in, you do your job different now.

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