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A Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising [Infographic]

In the modern media landscape, Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways of reaching both your established audience and prospective customers. Now reaching close to two billion users, Facebook is the leading social media platform by far, while the vast majority of social media marketers (95.8% to be more precise) rate Facebook as being a better investment than other social media platforms. And with Facebook ad prices starting at a dollar a day, you can afford to take a risk and try things out.

But how do you get started, and how can you ensure that you're getting your Facebook ads right and maximizing their potential?

This infographic provides a step-by-step overview of the Facebook ad creation process, including selecting your objective, setting your budget and creating your ad. The process is very straight-forward, but the additional annotations provided in the graphic make it even easier, with specific notes on each element to help get you understand how, and why, they work. 

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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