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Twitter Releases New Data on TV Viewership and Ad Recall [Infographic]

TV viewership and Twitter use have long gone hand-in-hand. Really, when there’s any kind of breaking news, Twitter's where many people turn, and live TV conversations are no different - but how does that correlation relate to advertisers on the platform and how they can use it for outreach?

To get a better understanding of the correlating impact that TV and Twitter use can have in regards to advertising, Twitter partnered with Starcom and social analytics company Canvs, to examine how TV programming influences viewers’ emotions, as tracked by Tweets - and then, how those emotions drive audience response to TV commercials. Twitter’s combined their findings into a new infographic, outlining some of the key ways brands can engage Twitter users who are responding to what is on their TV screens – their key data points are as follows:

  • Twitter users are 48% more likely to recall an ad that airs during a program that elicits a strong emotional response. Twitter suggests brands should identify the programming that has emotional resonance with their audience and use Twitter targeting to align their campaigns with those shows.
  • Viewers who use Twitter while watching TV are 62% more likely to recall the brand which advertised during the program over people who were not on Twitter. Twitter says brands should consider synching TV ad campaigns with Promoted Tweets in order to better reinforce their outreach messages.
  • 61% of TV viewers who are emotionally invested in a show indicated they were more likely to purchase from brands advertising during that program. Emotionally invested viewers were also three times more likely to recall advertisers during the event. Twitter suggests that brands should consider running campaigns that tap into the emotional elements of a program to capitalize on this effect.

Check out the infographic below for more insights based on Twitter’s latest TV audience research. 

Twitter Releases New Data on TV Viewership and Ad Recall [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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