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How to Achieve a Seamless Customer Experience with Integrated Marketing [Infographic]

Integrated marketing is a form of marketing that ties every marketing outlet together. A campaign that uses integrated marketing reaches its audience through traditional media (e.g., direct mail, outdoor, point of sale), field marketing (e.g., street teams, event sponsorship), and online marketing. One such campaign that proved the effectiveness of integrated marketing was O2’s “Be More Dog.”

This fun campaign was meant to change consumer perception of the brand and drive the uptake of new products and services - and it all centered on a cat that wants to be more like a dog. It started with a commercial, which accumulated over three million views on YouTube and enjoyed a healthy popularity on the site. Beyond complementary field and traditional marketing, they reached out to influencers and employed the hashtag #Bemoredog to keep the conversation going. And that it did: The campaign inspired over 50,000 online conversations.

How do you create a powerful integrated marketing campaign? You need a goal, the right media mix and, of course, a budget. From there you coordinate the components, then measure and refine once the campaign launches. View the infographic below for more insight on integrated marketing.

How to Achieve a Seamless Customer Experience with Integrated Marketing [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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