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How to Improve Your Social Engagement Without Ads [Infographic]

Every social media manager’s goal is to engage with their customers online. And while paying for ads may seem like an easy way to reach more readers, there are equally effective, free options to consider.

One of the simplest, but most effective, ways to boost engagement is to include images in your posts. Images are more easily understood and remembered than text. In fact, we generally retain 20% of what we read, but 80% of what we see. Of course, the type of image is important, and images with text can help grab users’ attention and help them remember that content.

Beyond images, improving social media engagement starts with paying attention to your social media analytics. Five important metrics you should track include volume, reach, engagement, influence, and share of voice. Your goal with these metrics is to see how different aspects of your posts - from the call to action to the time you posted - affect engagement. With that knowledge, you can adjust your strategy and improve your social media footprint.

For maximum engagement, include images, watch your metrics, and be part of conversations on social media. Learn how in this infographic.

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How to Improve Your Social Engagement Without Ads | Social Media Today

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