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Facebook Heeds the Call (to Action)

Recognizing the importance of Pages in the online marketing strategy of businesses, Facebook has introduced a new feature that increases the business value of its Pages even more. Just a bit ago, Facebook announced its new call-to-action mechanism. The feature leverages the social media network’s experience and savvy in user engagement to align a company’s business Page with its business objectives and promises to drive results and success.

The mechanism itself is simple; a call-to-action button is placed conspicuously at the bottom part of the cover image, the most visible component of the Page. This places it strategically within the user’s focus and increases the chances of the user taking action. The CTA button may seem like such a small and insignificant detail but savvy marketers know that this little button is a powerful tool that can make a huge difference in enticing your audience to act and proceed forward with the experience.

But what makes this exciting bit of detail even more interesting is that the call-to-action button lets Page admins select from seven available calls-to-action:

  • Book Now

  • Contact Us

  • Use App

  • Play Game

  • Shop Now

  • Sign Up

  • Watch Video

This allows the Page admin to configure the call to action according to your business needs and provides incredible flexibility in designing the user experience. There are only seven CTAs right now, but they pretty much encompass the most desirable courses of action you would want to solicit from your Page visitors.

To top it all, the call-to-action button is designed to be able to link to any URL within and outside Facebook. This lets you call up your website, blog, online apps and landing pages and gives you unprecedented control over the user’s journey across your business funnels.

Facebook cited the example of the Dollar Shave Club – an online supplier of razors, shaving supplies and other grooming products – which claimed it achieved a higher conversion rate on its Page by implementing the new call-to-action button feature, compared to its other on-Page initiatives.

The feature is set to be made available in the US soon, and to the rest of the world starting next year. When it does roll out it would be interesting to see how patterns of engagement correspond to it. Facebook has built up its business on the strength of its ability to engage users and seeks to leverage this to help you get better results for your business Page.

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