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Best Practices in Video Marketing

This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Best Practices in Video Marketing. This webinar was sponsored by Act-On Software and Vidyard and featured Adam Naide (@adamnaide), Executive Director of Marketing for Social Media, Cox Communications; Peter Fasano (@pfasano), Senior Partner and Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather; and Jon Spenceley (@JonSpenceley), Community Marketing Manager at Vidyard. We discussed the very latest developments and techniques in video marketing.

Here are three of the key takeaways:

  1. You have only 3 seconds to grab viewer attention! – In this day of competition for eyeballs and attention, you only have 3 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. This video was cited as doing just that and is also very cleverly connected to their business objective:    
  2. 70% of video consumption is happening on mobile devices.  Social and mobile are one in the same – With 500 million years’ worth of video being consumed every day on Facebook, no wonder people think of social and mobile as synonymous.
  3. Keep it short for a reason – This is why Vine and Instagram work so well for video: it’s the length. 6 seconds for Vine and 15 seconds for Instagram. And there is more that you might believe you can say in that amount of time.

To get a copy of the slides or to listen to the replay, please click here. You can also scan the highlights of this webinar on Twitter by reading the Storify below. Our next webinar is titled Your Customer Experience Never Sleeps: Creating a 24/7 Partnership; be sure to sign up for it or view the schedule of other upcoming webinars here.

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