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5 Things Brands Need to Know About Marketing to Moms [Infographic]

Mother's Day is coming up, which makes it a perfect time to share this new infographic from MDG Advertising which looks at the most effective ways for for marketers to reach mothers, along with an overview of their media consumption and evolving digital habits.

And while we're probably more focused on buying something for our mothers than marketing to them this week, it serves as a good reminder of consumer expectations, in line with the event.

As noted by MDG:

"Moms are a large, powerful, and discerning demographic that demands nuanced attention from businesses. Ignoring the desires of mothers quickly leads to damaged reputations and lost revenue."

Also, ignoring your mother more generally is not normally recommended. She generally knows what's best.

And with 88% of US mothers using social media, there's no better platform to reach them - check out the full insights in th below infographic. 

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