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5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Twitter Video Content (from Twitter)

Given the rising popularity of video content on Twitter (video Tweets on Twitter have increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016, while Tweets with video generate 9X more engagement than basic text updates), it makes sense for Twitter to put more focus on encouraging video content on their platform.

In recent months, Twitter has conducted various studies to further highlight the benefits of video content, and video advertising, on their platform. And this week, Twitter has published a new, easy to follow checklist on how to create more resonant Twitter video content.

5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Twitter Video Content (from Twitter) | Social Media TodayIt’s a good reference point for social video, which largely extends beyond Twitter, and it includes actionable points, as opposed to vague ‘create good content’ type prompts.

A summary of the key notes:

  • Use a close-up or fast-moving opening shot to grab attention
  • Feature your logo at the start to drive brand association
  • Including people in the opening frames of a video has been shown to drive higher retention
  • Focus on telling a whole story
  • Utilize a ‘sound off’ strategy to maximize viewership

Twitter’s also included some examples of how brands are using these tips, helping to further underline their practical application – including this one from Glossier.

Definitely, all the data suggests that video is an effective option for Twitter, with some unique elements specific to Twitter’s short format that you also need to keep in mind.

This quick listing should get you thinking about how you can use Twitter video in your strategy.

You can read the full Twitter post, including additional examples, here.

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