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7 Steps to Build an Effective Pinterest for Business Plan [Podcast]

7 Steps to Build an Effective Pinterest for Business Plan [Podcast] | Social Media Today

Do you have an interest in Pinterest but don’t know where to start in developing your Pinterest for Business plan? If the answer is yes, then you've landed on the right blog post today.

Pinterest is an amazing platform that surpassed more than 10 million users faster than any stand alone social network in history. Pinterest is different than some social networks though in that it requires both art and science even more so. It requires visual connection and an understanding of the ecosystem of Pinterest. Many business leaders overlook Pinterest as it confuses them and they may not understand its true power.

This blog post and podcast episode is the 2nd in a series on Pinterest for Business in which I look to provide business leaders and entrepreneurs like you further insight into whether Pinterest is something you should take a deeper look at to help you differentiate from competition and ignite business results.

Take a listen to the 217th episode of the Social Zoom Factor to learn the “7 Step Success Strategy to Build a Pinterest for Business Plan”

In addition, you can download the slide presentation deck I used for the 90 minute “Advanced Pinterest for Business” workshop at the Social Fresh Event. It includes all 7 steps, loads of statistics and more. Download here->  “7 Step Success Strategy to Build a Pinterest for Business Plan”

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 7 Steps to Create Your Pinterest for Business Plan
  • Key Pinterest features you must consider for your business such as Rich Pins, Buyable Pins and more
  • How to leverage Pinterest for customer and audience research
  • Setting Pinterest goals and objectives
  • How to quickly learn in just a few clicks who is already pinning your content, even if you don’t yet have a Pinterest account for your business
  • How to learn who your Pinterest audience is following
  • Key Pinterest tools and technology to help you achieve your goals and continuosly optimize business results
  • Understanding behavior of Pinterest users
  • Making sure you have the right mindset to succeed on Pinterest
  • Recommendations to explore if Pinterest is right for your business

Supporting Resources:

Free webinars: We're also launching a series of webinars and training opportunities to dig even deeper. Sign up here-> You are the Media – Building Your Media Foundation

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This post originally appeared on Pam Moore's blog.

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