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An 8-Point Checklist to Turn Your Social Media Marketing into a Profit Center [Infographic]

Social media management is all about posting, right? You schedule posts based on optimal times, they lead people back to your site, you convert them into customers. Simple.

Well, not really.

As social media marketing becomes more entrenched into modern business practice, it’s evolved well beyond its roots as what many originally saw as a teenage fad. From the dorm rooms at Harvard to the devices of billions of people worldwide, social now plays a crucial part in our discovery and interactive process - and with that comes the requirement for modern social marketers to master a wider range of skills in order to maximize their results.

What skills, exactly? This new infographic from MDG Advertising outlines some of the key elements that every social media manager needs to master. It’s a tool kit that’s always evolving, always growing, and is becoming more specialized every day.

Beyond getting Likes and re-tweets, social is now big business – it pays to recognize it as such, and to ensure you’re across all these elements. 

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