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9 Easy Ways to Repurpose Old Content for New Social Media Posts

A little while ago, I went over how to create a social media content calendar and reviewed how you can fill up your calendar with content including using hashtag holidays.

Now here’s another time saving content content time saver – re-purpose your old content. 

If you’re stuck in a content rut, you want to try ramping up the number of posts you share, you need a refresh or even if you're just looking to fill in a few gaps, try re-purposing your old content for social media.

Here are a few ideas on how you can re-purpose your work.

1. Turn older photos into backgrounds for graphics and visual quotes

Got an amazing photo you used a while ago? Don’t be afraid to re-purpose it.

Get creative - hop on Canva, apply a filter and add a great quote - don’t forget to brand it, and voila. A brand new post is ready for your social media channels.

You can also re-purpose popular photos into header images.

2. Re-write evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that remains true even if time has passed. If there are any industry facts, or a post with information that remains relevant, put a new spin on it or add a recent case study to support the information.

You can also simply refurbish the content by changing wording, and formatting or adding graphics.

If you’ve visualized a fact, just change the image and you’re ready to post it again.

3. Build upon a past post

If you’ve had a seriously popular post you can use this as a base for a new post, or reference back to the older post with new developments.

You can now share it on social media with the newer information as a concentration for messaging.

4. Turn survey results or stats into posts, or graphics

Surveys can be a treasure trove of content. After you’ve conducted a survey, you can take specific insights and turn them into visual content in the form of sharing facts, create new questions to ask your audience as audience engagement posts or you can even create a Slideshare of the results to share with your audience.

5. Create summary posts

Summary or round up posts can be easy to put together and are a great way to get more eyes on popular pieces of content.

Gather your best or most popular posts within a time period and present it to your audience as an “In Case You Missed It” (#ICYMI) or just a “Best of the Week/Month” compilation of good articles on a subject related to your business and audience.

6. Create an ebook or similar resource

If you have a series of posts - let’s say you share a recipe each week – create an ebook.

You can also turn podcasts or webinar transcripts into ebooks. These kinds of pieces can be great email list builders.

7. Create a recap of the prior event

If you have a recurring event, a great way to create more content and to get people excited about the new event is to share photos, videos, or albums from the prior event.

I like to use Storify to create recaps of events using photos shared using the particular event hashtag. I can then create social media posts which point back to the Storify which holds the messaging and photos shared from the event.

8. Throwback

One of the easiest ways to re-purpose old content for social media is to use old photos or videos as throwback Thursday posts.

9. Re-share content that has performed well with different messaging and images

Last but not least, simply re-share older content that has performed well – just switch up the image and caption.

Twitter is the ultimate content re-purposing tool. Get on Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or whatever you use your schedule tweets and share links to past posts with different messaging.

Re-purposing content is beneficial in that it can save time, while still driving new traffic back to content that has performed well with your core audience in the past. The new format may catch the eye of someone who may have dismissed it prior, or could motivate more people to share, in turn expanding your reach and audience.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to re-purpose old content, which of your posts will you re-vamp and share?

This post originally appeared on Dhariana Lozano's blog.

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