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BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature

BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media TodayWhile there are hundreds of social media tools and offerings to help rationalize and maximize your content, engagement and audience understandings, only the truly great ones stand out and get referenced over and over again by industry leaders. Think about it – the tools that are really great are the ones that you always see come up in posts and conversations, tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Moz’s toolset, Sprinklr. While everyone has their own personal preferences, it’s not often that new apps cut through and get referenced as much as those established names. BuzzSumo is one that’s bucked that trend.

If you haven’t used BuzzSumo, you really should check it out – we wrote about their last update where they introduced a new ‘Trending Content’ feature (which I personally use every day to get a pulse on what industry news is being highly discussed), and now BuzzSumo is adding a new element to their increasingly popular platform – a Facebook analytics tool that provides insights into not only your page, but any page you want to investigate.

Called ‘SumoRank’, the new tool enables you to quickly and easily get data on Facebook pages. To start with, you enter in the page you want to analyse.

BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media TodayYou then click ‘Submit’ and BuzzSumo will gather all the info and present it in an easily digestible format.

BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media TodayDiaplaying the ‘SumoRank’ so prominently could be a bit disheartening, knowing that so many pages are performing better (though, in context, 77,735 out of the millions of Facebook Pages is actually pretty good), but the data presented gives you an overview of Page performance, including best days and times to post for maximum engagement.

The tool also provides a snapshot of engagement by post type and engagement by character range – whether shorter or longer Facebook posts are working for your brand.

BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media TodayThe tool also provides a breakdown of average shares, likes and comments by day to help guide your Facebook strategy, along with best times of day to post.

BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media TodayOf course, the flaw in this type of data is that it’s based on historic activity – if you only ever post on Mondays at 9am, that’s going to be the time you’re generating the most engagement – but for brands that post regularly, and try out different days/times in their schedule, this type of info can be hugely valuable.

SumoRank will also show you your top performing posts to give you further context into what’s working for your Page (the magic wand icon signifies the number of total interactions).

BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media TodayOf course, much of this functionality is already available, you can conduct similar research through your own Facebook Page Insights. But as noted, SumoRank will also let you conduct research on any page, making it great for competitor research. You wanna’ know what’s working for your opposition? Enter their Page ID into SumoRank and get all these same insights for them. Now, rather than having to rely on your own research alone, you can learn from what they’ve done and what’s worked for them.

For instance, you might find that your competition is seeing their highest engagement on a different day, at a different time, to you, yet you know your audiences are very similar. Now you can experiment with that day/time and see if it also works for your content. Are your competitors seeing better results with short or long posts? Links or images? This type of access enables you to expand your research pool and gather a wider set of learnings to utilize in your Facebook strategic planning. What’s more, the tool is free.

It’s definitely worth a look, and worth checking out BuzzSumo for its other capabilities in content/influencer discovery and research. The team are also launching a new, advanced Facebook tool for paid users, which will be available soon.  

You can try out SumoRank fo yourself here.

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