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All The Social Ladies: Ashley Cook of Buzzfeed [Podcast]

All The Social Ladies: Ashley Cook of Buzzfeed [Podcast] | Social Media Today

Ashley Cook currently works as a manager and senior creative producer at She produces branded content for ginormous brands like Nickelodeon and Target. She’s had a brilliant career thus far -  in the episode of the 'All the Social Ladies' podcast, you’ll hear how she followed one of her favorite brands on the planet and got the job of her dreams. Then she took some time off and taught kid’s yoga. She’s had the most varied career you’ve ever heard of AND she landed at one of the biggest tech companies around: BuzzFeed. It’s pretty incredible. Take a listen.

Key Topics

  • The Story of Ashley’s Career
  • Why Networking is so Important
  • The Value of Brands Participating with BuzzFeed

Key Answers

How do you figure out what will resonate for a brand when you are concepting ideas?

"We have an amazing research department where we can go in and mine for great ideas - it’s also really useful to have access to this for returning clients.Our motto and approach is “test and learn,” so my favorite thing is when we get a client that is willing to experiment with posts." 

What is the primary metric for success on social media for BuzzFeed?

"For the most part, I would say this is reach, but it also depends on the brand’s KPIs - do they want to drive more awareness for their product, do they want a large number of views or do they want engagement with a post. What's the brand looking for and what do they consider successful?"

What can digital marketers learn from the success of BuzzFeed?

  • Learn to have fun.
  • Go niche - people have all sorts of interests and you’re never going to know who will like what. ​

Key Soundbites

- "Push the limits. Try something different. Get weird!"

- "I use Twitter as my imaginary friend that I don’t have to clean up after!"

- "Our motto and approach is ‘test and learn’."


​Enjoy, and check back here for more episodes of the All the Social Ladies podcast on Social Media Today. 

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