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Why Do We Follow Brands on Social Media? [Infographic]

As humans we are naturally drifted towards ease. Everything revolves around technology. Certainly it won't surprise you to acknowledge how it has managed to drag the statistics of the usage of social networking to a rough figure of 37 minutes a day in an average Americans life! The general business-to-business marketers invest 83% in increasing brand exposure, 69% to increase web traffic and 65% to gain market exposure. Over 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired their customers through Facebook. The most common type of content to be uploaded to Facebook would include 75% Photos, 10% links, 6% statuses and 8% other.

The question comes to mind: why do people follow brands on social media? Obviously for the additional benefits such as; Promotions & Discounts, Latest product information, Customer Service, Entertaining Content and Ability to offer feedback. On average every twitter user follows 5 or more brands and over 90% say that they follow a brand on Twitter to get discounts and promos.

To know more view the following infographic by GO-Gulf Dubai team.

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