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Building the Perfect Content Sandwich [Infographic]

LinkedIn sure are keen on food analogies.

Back in 2014, the professional social network created a popular infographic which equated blogging best practices to food groups.

Building the Perfect Content Sandwich [Infographic] | Social Media TodayThey obviously found this technique effective, as LinkedIn has now published a new infographic using food as a comparison for content technique - this time using a sandwich as their model for blogging best practices.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Start with an eye-catching top bun, a strong visual to draw the reader in. Add introductory paragraphs—the lettuce, tomato and cheese—to get the reader engaged and ready to keep munching. Smooth transitions are the mustard and mayo that bring everything together. Don’t forget to add substantial value; that’s the meat your customer’s looking for. And finish it all off with a CTA that acts as the bottom bun to finish off the feast.”

It’s a good looking graphic – I’m not sure that it’ll ever become as ubiquitous as the ‘inverse pyramid’ approach to journalism, but it may help provide a simplified way of understanding the key elements you need to include in your posts.

The infographic is a lead into LinkedIn’s latest content marketing workbook, which you can download here.

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