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Consumers Connecting with Companies and the Power of Brand Affinity [Infographic]

Developing an emotional connection with your audience, beyond transactional engagement, is one of the key benefits of maintaining an active social media presence - and the business value of doing so can be significant. Repeat customers are obviously key to maintaining and growing your business, while loyal customers are also far more likely to become brand advocates, helping to amplify your brand.

But how much impact does brand affinity really have, and what are the key elements that can help develop and build upon the consumer-business connection?

To provide some perspective on this, Customer Thermometer recently interviewed 1,000 consumers to get their thoughts on brand relationships what influences their responses. They’ve collected their findings into this new infographic, highlighting some interesting elements to take into consideration as you go about planning your outreach efforts.

You can read the full 'Consumers Connecting with Companies' report here.

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