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Digital Marketing and Content for Your B2B Business: What to Focus on in 2017

Digital Marketing and Content for Your B2B Business: What to Focus on in 2017 | Social Media TodayWith digital marketing likely top of mind in your business, have you figured your plan for how to improve in the coming year?

If you think you have all bases covered, you may not when it comes to content. In the B2B world, creating content isn’t always so cut and dry either - it doesn’t always mean just writing something basic and hoping it gets you found.

Starting a blog was a smart idea, but what more can you do with your content to make it extra relevant, easier to find, and more educational for a prospective buyer?

The more you pay attention to these details, the more you can streamline the way you create content and better target your approach. Since the B2B industry is already extremely competitive, the more you can differentiate your content from others, the better.

Here are some tips for how you can improve your content, and the way you market it, in 2017.

1. More Marketing Automation

Smart Insights notes that marketing automation is going to become a bigger deal in 2017, even though it’s certainly grown considerably throughout this year. 

Whether it’s content you send through emails, on your website, or on social media, automation tools help you get content there when you don’t have time to do it manually.

It’s always smart to prepare content in advance and then set up a schedule targeting specific days, holidays, or even based on customer habits. By studying buyer habits and knowing when they hang out on your site, or on social media, you can time your content to post when readers are the most attentive.

2. Shorter And Less Content

When creating content, it’s essential to focus on quality over quantity. Readers are more apt to appreciate you when you’ve taken time to write something substantive, rather than rushed for time reasons.

You can take this to heart because upcoming trends have shorter and less content becoming the norm. The old long-reads you perhaps wrote to your target buyers might not get as much attention because of shorter attention spans and less time available. Remember though, shorter is in the eye of the beholder.

More thoroughly researched content published just once a week or two can help build your reputation far above competitors with inferior blogs. Think quality over quantity always.

3. More Personalized Content

No doubt you’ve heard this before, but it needs special emphasis in 2017.

The B2B world still has room to grow when it comes to personalizing content. It comes from a long history of being overly formal in marketing approach, and because many in the B2B world take themselves way to seriously and think readers don’t like being entertained.

Maybe humor isn’t always appropriate, but you should at least personalize your content more. By making it specific, by segment, persona, buying stage, account, or individual lead, you can hone further in on targeting.

4. Creating Content That’s Easily Accessible On Mobile

We’ve seen this on many marketing trend lists going back several years, and it needs just as much attention for the coming year.

A B2B blog on LinkedIn recently noted B2B buyers frequently research products on mobile before making a buying decision. Their first encounter with your content is also increasingly likely to occur on a mobile device.

Creating content that’s easily adaptable to any operating system is mandatory so there aren’t formatting issues. If you make your content truly mobile-friendly, your audience is going to develop the habit of coming back regularly since many B2B buyers are always on the go.

This post was originally published on The Fried Side blog.

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  • Dennis Schiraldi's picture
    Dec 22 Posted 7 months ago Dennis Schiraldi

    I'd been very big on brevity for a few years. I get it long form blogs and content is not consumed as quickly. However I'm going the opposite for 2017 or at least the start. On my www.doyolive.com blog several months ago I started to transcribe video from our marketing show. By re-purposing and posting the video you get both. The listening aspect and the scroll scan. Or even people that leave the video play and check out to another tab. Only once hearing something they like to go back to your blog to read, skim, etc.

    The lift from the 2,500 words of content has increased web traffic significantly about 50% over the past 3-months and time spent on blog has nearly tripled. That said SEO Moz and Rand Fishkin does a great job. I really wish I could be as economical with my words, not sure I know someone that says more in a short amount of time. I'm more like a Dave Matthews concert. Moral of the story I think you have to go against the trends! Thanks for posting good article!!!

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