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Facebook Now Reaching 241 Million People in South East Asia

While the top line numbers for Facebook are unquestionably impressive – 1.59 billion users worldwide is an astounding total by any measure – the regional numbers for The Social Network are equally amazing. For example, today Facebook has today announced that they now have more than 241 million users across South East Asia – well over a third of the region’s total population.

Facebook Now Reaching 241 Million People in South East Asia | Social Media TodayWhen you take into account the fact that a significant portion of the population is aged below 13 (the age at which users can sign up for Facebook) and some regions in the sector don’t have access to the internet, that number becomes even more impressive. Facebook is huge in the South East Asian market – and by extension, the wider world as a whole.   

Facebook’s also reported that 94% of users in the region access the platform via mobile device, while in addition to Facebook itself, Instagram's also growing – 22 million Indonesians are now active users of the visual platform.

More broadly, international connectivity is also improving, which is a key part of Facebook’s wider goal to ‘connect the world’. A new study from McKinsey has shown that half of all people on Facebook are now connected to someone in a different country, a figure which has tripled in the past year.

People in South East Asia are also actively engaging with business on the platform, with Facebook noting that:

  • Nearly 2X as many Thais and 2X as many Singaporeans send Facebook messages to businesses each month (compared to the global average)
  • Malaysians send nearly 50% more Facebook messages to businesses each month (compared to the global average)

With more users in new regions, and plans to expand even further through internet.org and their Free Basics initiatives, Facebook remains in the lead as the biggest and most influential social media network in the world. Worth noting too, Facebook has seen significant growth in advertising revenue in the South East Asian region, playing a part in the major expansion of their overall ad business.

It’s safe to say that if you’re trying to reach users in the South East Asian region, Facebook should be a key consideration in your marketing and outreach efforts. 

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