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Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups

Of all of Facebook’s products and options, Groups seems to get the least attention - despite more than a billion people using groups, many of them doing so every day.

That could be set to change, with The Social Network looking to put more emphasis on Groups, introducing new options and tools to boost Group activity – the latest of which being discussion topics within Groups.

Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups | Social Media Today

(Image via Matt Navarra)

As you can see, the new discussion prompts separate out topics from within the group chat, making it easier to get to trending conversations and/or key areas of interest.

This comes on the back of Facebook’s recently introduced trial of Facebook group member application questions, which will help group admins better filter and screen their audience.

Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups | Social Media TodayFacebook flagged their intention to boost Groups early last year, with both Groups and Events identified as areas where they could improve their service.

Events has been given a significant refresh, with the launch of a dedicated Events app last October and a re-vamped Events bookmark within Facebook.

Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups | Social Media TodayNow it looks like it’s Groups’ turn, and it’ll be interesting to see what other additions we see in future for the tool.

Also, as an interesting aside, Groups has proven particularly popular in India, with over 80 million Indians visiting Facebook Groups every month. Given Facebook's efforts to expand in the world's second most populous nation, a renewed focus on Groups makes sense - especially when you also consider that 83% of India’s population will have a mobile connection by 2020, up from 61% in 2015

In terms of how the new options could be used by brands, you could separate your groups into specific areas for discussions about specific products or offerings, helping guide people to relevant areas of interest. You could also segment your groups to highlight more active topics, making it easier for group members to find their way around.

There’s actually a heap of ways the tools could be used – there’s no word as yet on if or when the changes will be rolled out more widely.  

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