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Instagram Influencers: How Much are they Really Making? [Infographic]

Influencer marketing is on the rise, but at the end of the day, how much are Instagram influencers actually getting paid per post – and could you, with your following also qualify for similar opportunities?

To get some perspective on this, conducted a study of over 500 top influencers on Instagram in order to determine their average earnings per post, the industries in which they’re generating the most money and how those pay rates relate to follower counts and engagement metrics.

Amongst their key findings, found the following:

  • The gender pay gap exists even for influencers-- men earn just over half a cent for each of their followers, while women earn about one-third of a cent
  • Influencers with over 100,000 followers charge 3X more than those with 10,000-99,999
  • Influencers with less than 1,000 followers see the most engagement relative to their following, with nearly 6X as many likes or comments as those with over 100,000 followers 

There are some interesting considerations here - particularly in relation to how audience size may not necessarily be generating the most bang for your influencer buck.

You can check out a full overview of’s data in the infographic below.

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