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Pinterest and TV Go Hand-in-Hand [Infographic]

Here’s an interesting stat – according to a Pinterest survey of 2,500 Pinners (conducted in May this year), 45% of users are active on the app while watching TV.

Pinterest and TV Go Hand-in-Hand [Infographic] | Social Media TodayThat’s surprising – normally it’s Twitter that’s identified as the ultimate TV viewing companion in social, given its position as the home of real-time conversation, particularly around live events.

As it turns out, Pinnners, too, love to multi-screen:

“64% of our users tell us they pay more attention to what they’re doing on Pinterest than what they’re watching on TV—and 44% of them will engage with Pinterest for the show’s entirety, regardless of whether it’s on a commercial break or not.”

So how can brands use this to advantage? One particularly interest note is that 47% of Pinners indicated that what they see on TV sparks activity on Pinterest - that makes it a great opportunity to tap into trending TV topics and happenings to better showcase your offerings on the platform. The data also underlines that people are more active on Pinterest in their leisure time, which may help guide your posting strategy on the platform.

It may not be the most obvious - or straight-forward - channel for TV associated marketing, but the data shows that there’s clear benefits in trying your Pinterest content to TV viewing behaviors. 

Pinterest and TV Go Hand-in-Hand [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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