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Research Shows Consumers Want to Message Businesses [Infographic]

We all message, be it via basic SMS or one of the 4 billion active accounts on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The stats don't lie.

  • Millennials are texting more than calling.
  • Nearly 1/3 of Americans prefer texting to calling.
  • Teens would rather text than have a phone conversation.

The simple truth is we message because it's easier, more concise, archivable and allows for engaging media inserts (videos, photos, gifs, emoji's).

But do people want to message businesses?

At, we asked 450 US consumers exactly that, along with additional questions around what they want to message and how likely they would be to make purchases via text communications.

See or download the infographic below with for the full findings from our research.

Survey says yes, consumers want to message. While only 35% of respondents have already messaged a business, 65% said they want to be able to do so, and they want to because it's fast and convenient.

It wasn’t a surprise to see that consumers mostly want to message for customer support, to confirm appointments and get product/service information. What was interesting, however, was that consumers want a choice of messaging platforms, with SMS and Facebook Messenger topping the list of preferred avenues.

Equally interesting was that no single industry stood out in regards to which consumers would want to message more than the other. This tells us that consumers see messaging as a solution in all respects of life, from healthcare to travel.

Finally, the biggest insight from this study was that not only are half of consumers likely to make a purchase via message, but 7 out of 10 would store the contact information of their favorite brand or business in their phone alongside their trusty besties' and family members' digits.

Consumers are ready to take the leap. How quickly or slowly will businesses follow suit? Leave your thoughts below.

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