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The Rise of Online Video on the TV Screen [Infographic]

In the last twelve months, we’ve seen a big push from FacebookTwitter and other social platforms towards TV-like content and providing broadcast quality programming. But do people really want that? Will people ever revert to social networks instead of TV channels?

When considering this, most people think about watching TV on your phone or iPad as opposed to a TV, but increasingly, the two platforms are merging, which may provide more significant opportunities.

This is the subject of a new infographic from Google - as per the Think with Google blog:

“People have been casting and streaming online video to their TV screens for a while now. Is this fundamentally changing how people watch TV? Or just changing the kinds of content they're watching there?”

The infographic highlights some key trends in the digital TV shift. While online video consumption is rising, if digital providers, like social networks, really want to challenge TV, and take a cut of TV ad dollars, they need to also be easily accessible on TV screens. YouTube’s data suggests that’s becoming a much more logical possibility, and while the insights here are YouTube specific, they signal a wider digital viewing trend – and where these networks are looking to tap in. 

The Rise of Online Video on the TV Screen [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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