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$4 Spent on Facebook, 40,000 People Reached

What if I told you we spent $4.00 on a Facebook post, and it reached 40,000* people?

*And climbing

This week saw a great result on a piece of social media video content, which grew from something so simple that we thought it would be best to put a blog together about it to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to do the same.

To the average person, the post looked mildly successful. 15 likes, 2 Shares, 700 video views. But the Facebook insights (analytics) told another story.

$4 Spent on Facebook, 40,000 People Reached | Social Media Today

Our Facebook page is growing, but by no-means is it yet a giant community. The page likes currently total around 800 loyal people. Now, what if I told you that adding a single character, one, to the video post on Facebook this week helped it be seen by 40,000 people, and growing.

Why was it a winner?

Firstly, the video is just fantastic. It’s a really quality piece of content that you should take the time to watch, filmed and created by our very own Nick Barber.

Secondly - and this is what made ALL of the difference - we tagged/mentioned the key people, places, and brands that were involved. Specifically, Buffalo Stampede, Suunto, and Salomon, brands owned by the client we shot the video for.

$4 Spent on Facebook, 40,000 People Reached | Social Media Today

Taking the time to think about who we could tag in the post, is something that we do with everything we share. The potential engagement opportunities that tagging/mentioning create include:

1.   The person, place, brand or event get ‘notified’ that they have been tagged/mentioned.

2.   The reach of a post on Facebook grows organically to reach more of the people who ‘like’ the pages of those tagged.

3.   It opens up the potential for a brand, like Suunto, to engage with the post. Which is exactly what happened.

$4 Spent on Facebook, 40,000 People Reached | Social Media Today


Adding the one character - the ‘@’ symbol ahead of the word Suunto - let me mention/tag their page, ultimately leading them to ‘like’ the post, which helped it reach a huge audience, who were alerted in their feeds to the fact that Suunto had ‘liked’ the video.

Taking the half-a-second to make sure the key, official pages were tagged helped result in an enormous spike, that has continued to climb for the last week.

You might have also noticed that we spent some money ‘boosting’ the post. We did, and it ran out after one day. Four dollars. Yes, less than $1.00 per 10,000 people that the post has currently reached.

So that’s it, a reminder more than a tip, of the power of thinking through your posts and who you could be tagging and mentioning, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, on the off chance that a page with a huge audience (Suunto has more than 230k page likes) interacts with your update and helps it go crazy.

This post originally appeared on the Hook Media blog

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