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The Sales Search Cheat Sheet for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn [Infographic]

Are you using the advanced search features of Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn to find the right audience for your sales pitches? 

Advanced searches on Facebook, using queries like “pages liked by men who like Salesforce and live in Toronto”, can combine multiple factors, giving you targeted focus on both your customers and potential clients. You can cross-reference those results with Facebook's Audience Insights for even more data.

LinkedIn’s advanced search options allow you to identify influencers and decision makers with complex search terms through the use of Boolean search methodology - adding in qualifiers like 'AND' and 'OR'. You can then save your results as leads so your sales team can create high quality outreach lists.

And Twitter’s search options can help you find new customers fast. Search for words in tweets, people mentioned in tweets, places, and dates.

By taking advantage of the vast databases within these sites, your salespeople can expand their networks. Read this infographic for detailed search options that will help you grow your sales pipeline.

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The Sales Search Cheat Sheet for Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

Infographic via Salesforce

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