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The Smart and Creative Approach to Advertising on YouTube

What? You aren’t advertising your brand or service on the world’s largest on-demand streaming video service? You’re crazy! Marketing may seem like a black art, known solely by those who claim to be marketing experts, but you can do this! Get out your notebook and take a few notes, because I’m about to lay out some key strategies that will help you effectively advertise on YouTube. 


Understand What Your Audience is Searching For  

Know what message to convey is even more important than how you share it with the world. Look at Whole Foods, one of the world’s premier grocery stores, specializing in nutritious and eco-friendly products. Do they advertise with videos and messages that guilt their future clients into shopping with them? Do they poke fun at other grocery stores for failing to meet their high standards? Are they focusing on the limited selection of high-quality products on their shelves? 


While all of these things may be true, it isn’t the type of message they would want to convey if they want to build brand loyalty. Instead, they focus on crafting a carefully tuned message that shares their corporate philosophy with the world. They let their actions, in many cases, speak even louder than catchy slogans or jingles. They largely ignore outside competition, and focus on making a positive impact in the world around them.  

Figured Out Audience Content 

How did they know to do this? They figured out what their ideal client was looking to do with their life. They figured this out by using services like SearchMetrics.com to better understand how their target-demographic was spending their time online. How do they interact with search engines and consume their information? What themes and information are most important to them? 


If you’re going to post content on YouTube, please do your research first and understand what your ideal audience will be looking for. 

Involve Your Ideal Customer 

If your content doesn’t spark a conversation, then you’re missing the point. Engagement isn’t a one-way street where you share information and the viewer just mindlessly consumes it. The content on YouTube that lights the world on fire and builds meaningful brand awareness are videos that inspire a response. Whether it’s a simple message of support in the comments section of the video, or an opportunity to win a product by visiting your website, you need to get your audience clicking on your content and sharing the heck out of it. 


Engage with Motivate Sales 

If you can’t get your potential client to engage with you, then you won’t be able to convert them into a sale. Motivate, inspire and communicate your message with purpose. The art of using YouTube as a communication method is definitely a learned skill. I don’t know very many people who hit homeruns with their content right out of the gate. But, if you’re willing to take the time to do your research, understand what your audience wants to see, and then execute on those impulses, YouTube glory is within your grasp! 

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