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The State Of Social Selling In 2016 [Infographic]

Social selling continues to be one of the rising stars of the sales industry, with a growing number of businesses - large and small - looking to incorporate the practice into their existing processes. But what results are they seeing? How do they go about implementing social tactics? What challenges do they face?

The below infographic, created by SalesForLife, looks at the current state of social selling, including trends, benchmarks and results.

Key Stats:

  • The importance of social selling will continue to increase in 2016 as (almost) 63% of respondents state that social selling is important to close more business
  • 61% of organizations that are actively engaged in social selling have reported a significant positive impact on their sales revenue growth
  • LinkedIn reigns supreme as the number one platform for social sellers, followed by Twitter

The State Of Social Selling In 2016 [Infographic] | Social Media TodayThis post originally appeared on Irfan Ahmad's blog

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