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Social Media Tools to Cut Down Management Time and Increase Effectiveness

Social media marketing is one of the highly effective ways to amp up the traffic to your site and generate new leads. To juggle between multiple accounts can be a tough row to hoe without the right social media management tools. These tools come with several features that can help you manage your social media campaign more efficiently. Here are some great examples of such tools:


Everypost is a social media publishing tool which lets you curate content from across the web. It lets you schedule posts on multiple accounts. You can also create custom posts using the tool. The interface is user friendly with easy access to tabs and content feeds.


Spredfast is a social media marketing platform which is largely based on the concept of relevance. The developers at Spredfast believe that user engagement and participation can be enhanced only by sharing relevant content. The platform helps with content discovery, strategy, and analytics. It also gives you the option to amplify results with Targeted Paid.

It comes with a host of service options that you can opt for based on you requirement. Spredfast Conversations improve the impact of social media across the business by taking your campaigns to a global level. Spredfast Experiences allows you to visualize and curate relevant, high quality content in real time, across multiple digital platforms. Spreadfast Spark helps you identify trending content and Spreadfast Intelligence provides you with all the raw materials and data to help you make the right decisions.

Drum Up

Drum Up is a free social media content management tool with some groundbreaking features and a super convenient workflow. It uses sophisticated natural language processing algorithms to find and recommend relevant content for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. The queued stories can be easily edited, and custom posts can also be added to the queue. A cool thing about DrumUp is that it always picks out and recommends fresh stories, which means you have a chance of riding the first wave of virality of some popular stories. It’s a great tool for small businesses, startups and social media managers, who are often time strapped, but still need to maintain an active social media presence.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is one of the least expensive social media management tools available and comes with several advanced features. Apart from scheduling, it offers URL shortening and account monitoring services. One of the key features of Social Oomph is that it lets you add unlimited accounts to a single dashboard. You will also be able to follow the right people on Twitter and manage spam DM’s more easily and effectively.

Various licensing options are available with Social Oomph. Twitter Unlimited is one of the licenses which provides some key features for Tweet Management. It is a very good option for someone who is looking to focus entirely on Twitter.

Twitter Professional lets you track competitors, and creates an automated list of mentions. It also allows you to schedule updates from Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk and App.net. You can even create RSS feeds to your blog and manage your twitter account via Twitter Cockpit.


Postling is a centralized dashboard that helps organize, manage and track all your social media efforts, helping you engage with your online community from a single account. Its design is unique, easy to use and well laid out. With Postling, you can post on your blog and your social media pages all at the same time. The app also lets you schedule tweets and respond to aggregated comments on any social media platform. The threaded conversations let you access all interactions in a sequence.

Another key feature of Postling is that it allows multiple users to be connected to your accounts. The analytics tab on the dashboard lets you monitor and track activity and performance with visual aids such as statistics and graphs.

While some social media tools are designed to optimize a specific social media platform, most others take a multi-platform approach. Most of them offer free limited period trials, and taking them could help you decide whether you should opt for a paid version. Free tools are great, especially if you don't have a big social media marketing budget.

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