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Is Instagram Part Of Your Business Marketing Strategy?

With over 300 million active monthly users Instagram is becoming harder to ignore. The difficulty most businesses have is just how to use it.

It’s a visual medium so you have to have an eye for an image to get it to work for you. That said, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to like, share or comment on a brand’s update than a Facebook user, and 120 times more likely than a Twitter user!

Quality and consistency count more than volume, but that is the same for all the social channels. You need to add some fun to your photos, and not be too self-promotional. Get employees in on the act too, have them submit photos for inclusion and maybe run an internal competition for photo of the month – get your followers to vote for their favourite!

Hashtags help you get discovered and are a great way to categorize photos over time.

Don’t forget to interact, it is not all about you! Take notice of your followers by sharing, commenting and liking their content too, just keep in real and inline with your brand.

Read the infographic below for some more ideas on how you can leverage Instagram for your business.

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Say Cheese: Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

Via Salesforce

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