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Twitter Is All About Timing

You’ve got the content side of things nailed and you’re generating really compelling, interesting content.. but why aren’t you receiving the CTR and engagement you deserve?

Have you ever thought that maybe you’re just not quite on top of your Twitter timings?

Research has found that there are specific times of the day/week that are best to boost your social media airtime.

Let’s break it down..

A Normal Working Day

You may think that everyone is scaling twitter periodically throughout the business day, but not everyone’s jobs revolve around the platform like ours do.

As you can see from this graph, Twitter CTR climbs during periods when people are taking some ‘down time’ (if that's what you'd call a rush hour commute), and may be casually scrolling through their Twitter feed; on their way to work (6-9am) on their lunch break (around noon) and when they’re traveling home (around 6pm). So save your juiciest content for those periods, and get that engagement rate growing!


You know that great feeling you get on Friday when you know the weekend’s just round the corner? Well, Twitter gets it too.

Statistically, engagement levels reach its weekly peak on Friday.

What should you be taking away from this? In the daily analysis segment I mentioned saving the juiciest content for peak times, well save the juiciest of juices for Friday (and remember to still target the daily peak hours for this day too!)

Not 'On The Dot'

We’ve explored the best periods of time to Tweet, but don’t go feeling too smug just yet.. there’s more.

When scheduling Tweets to go live, try and post them just before the hour. Think about it- most meetings start on the hour, therefore tweeting just before the hour hits means what you’ll catch this audience before they’re caught up for the next 45 minutes.

*Note: This will alter depending on your target audience. For example if you’re targeting parents, tweet between 3-3:30pm (when they’ll be waiting to pick their kids up from school).

Weekends and Evenings

Weekends and evenings are your chance to shine. A huge percentage of companies tweet during office hours and then don’t bother past their 6pm cut off, therefore leaving the floor open for your taking. Platforms such as Buffer allow you to pre-schedule posts meaning that you’re still present on social media without being sat behind a desk.

Not only does posting in the evenings and weekends give you a leg up against the competition, but it also ensures that you’re tweets are reached by a huge audience as you'll be posting at the time when people are continuously browsing and engagement is highest.

There you have it - a few simple, easy to remember timely tips to grow your CTR!

*Statistics sourced from: www.thenextweb.com

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