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17 Ideas for Starting a Conversation on Twitter

Why and how do you start a conversation on this social network? What kind of message to post? Here is a selection of ideas.

Starting a conversation on Twitter is interesting, and it’s also a major issue for users of the social network. Indeed, most of the people who use it personally or professionally, especially Community Managers and everyone who has an account, would like to communicate with their followers. The user experience that Twitter offers (everyone is equal) facilitates conversation and makes opportunities for exchanges common. You can make contact with anyone, on any tweet, unless the tweets are private, of course.

But it’s sometimes difficult to seize the opportunities for exchange, and entering into a conversation can be intimidating. You can start your own conversation and get reactions from your subscribers and all twitterers more generally.

Why do you start a conversation on Twitter? First, to know your followers better, develop your audience, and meet new people. Next, to share information, content and your expertise, and finally to develop your reputation and increase your influence.

17 Ideas for Starting a Conversation on Twitter

First of all, it’s important to say that it’s possible to start a public or private conversation on twitter. In private, you can converse with one person and recently, with several people. We discussed this elsewhere on the blog. If you can’t remember the information, reread the article on Direct Messages to Several People.

Let’s focus on public conversations: here is a selection of our ideas. Don’t hesitate to contribute by leaving a comment!

Spread information:

1.    Tweet about a current event, or an event that relates to your business and get the opinions of your followers.

Has anyone seen any small businesses using Periscope today? #MeerkatChat

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) March 27, 2015

2.    Share an article or an analysis from a blogger and discuss it with your community and/or the blogger.

3.    Start a forum, an interview and an exchange with the interviewee.

Start a debate about:

4.    A news story or an important event.

5.    A subject discussed in an article.

#Instagram vs. #Pinterest: which camp are you in? http://t.co/3TBCVSYzKa @xavier_BK pic.twitter.com/0LrOMZcXTR

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) April 10, 2015

Ask a community or a person about:

6.    A topic that you like or a subject that interests you.

7.    Some content you found during your day.

8.    An article published on your blog.

.@devumi liked @Chevy's #BestDayEver as far as April Fools advertising goes. What about you? http://t.co/MlB4lRcyBU

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) April 8, 2015

Thank someone for:

9.    Following you. It's a way to get to know your new subscribers.

10.    Sharing one of your articles, and try to learn their opinion.

@mgardner_ak Thanks for sharing!

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) April 3, 2015

11.    Retweeting/favoriting of one of your tweets, and comment on the subject.

Suggest a meetup by:

12.    Talking about your day, or talking about a place as a way of getting to know about a subscriber who is near you.

13.    Announcing your participation in an event and having the names of the other participants.

@CarlosGil83 @CarlosGilTV Awesome! Making us long for that Bay Area sun. We'll be #vlogging at #SocialShakeUp15, btw!

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) April 15, 2015

14.    Finding an interesting profile or collaborator...in order to begin a recruitment process.

Interact with existing tweets by:

15.    Quoting a question that relates to your realm/area and asking your followers to respond.

16.    Reacting to a conversation, or responding to a question related to you or your area.

@NaThomson @LinkedIn Wait is this science fiction?

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) April 8, 2015

17.    Mentioning a twitterer/follower in a conversation so they can participate or stay updated on the information.

Twitter is a formidable tool for starting a conversation, you just have to take the time to understand how it works and the best way to use it as a means of communication. In order to have a good conversation, always ask yourself what you can bring to your community and what message you would like to send. Try it for yourself/your brand!

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