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3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs

Could your social media team use a boost in communication?

The answer to that question is almost always "yes".

Social media marketing is a project that never sleeps. With the right tools, collaboration makes life much easier for you and your team to keep assignments and timelines organized so nothing falls through the cracks.

In this post, I'll outline three tools that can help your social media team produce their best work in the most efficient way.

1. Manage Your Postings with CoSchedule

​When it comes to social media, timing is everything. CoSchedule is a perfect tool for social and content marketing teams to make sure that all material is being created and released on time.

The interface of the platform is calendar-based and sends alerts to notify you about upcoming deadlines and content that needs to be posted, as and when you’ve scheduled them. It enables you to create actionable boards with outlined campaigns, including pinpointed deadlines down to the hour.

You can also assign tasks to team members with status bars to keep an eye on how much progress your team is making.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

On the calendar, you can simply click, drag, and drop tasks from one day to the next.

When changing the date of the task, the calendar will automatically update the publish date for your content to ensure your posts are released as scheduled. You can also change release dates manually as needed.

One of CoSchedule’s best features is the Social Queue. Primarily designed for users to stay consistent with their blogging and social posts, this function makes it simple to promote multiple pieces of content across various social media platforms, resulting in a steady drip of traffic to your website. 

This interface lets you set up a social timeline for your messages so that you can visualize which ones will be sent at a pre-determined frequency to the audience beyond when it is originally published.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

These messages can be integrated with all of your social networks to make sure your campaigns are consistent.

Even more, you can use the 'Best Times' scheduling feature to ensure your posts go live at optimal times.

CoSchedule is the perfect tool to keep your social media team in tune, and to help distribute your content across all major social media channels.

2. Organize Team Workflow with WorkZone

As your company and departments begin to grow, it'll become more and more of a necessity to have a well-equipped project management process. Social media managers who know their stuff will tell you that a social post scheduling tool is not enough to manage workflows or campaigns – you need an out and out task scheduling and document sharing system for that.

Enter WorkZone.

WorkZone has been around for over 15 years, and is more function-rich than your Basecamp or Trello. It's used by universities and telco enterprises to overcome internal roadblocks.

WorkZone knows that collaborating with teams involves a shared vision, as well as an in-depth understanding of everyone’s role in a certain project. This interface is made up of a features that bridge the gap between effective problem solving and simplicity.

It all starts at the projects dashboard.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

On this platform, you can create tasks and have a clear-defined overview of every project and where they stand across departments.

Next, you can get more in-depth and create actionable to-do lists that clearly lay out each team member’s work day. As tasks get completed, the project plans are updated automatically.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

Perhaps one of the best functions that WorkZone offers is the precise workload reports. The platform adds up the planned amount of work hours per project and divides them by person or group within a specified time frame. From here, you can easily identify how resources need to be properly allocated in order to balance the workload appropriately.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

Once the reports are finalized, they can be saved as a PDF or excel sheet.

3. Measure Your ROI with Hootsuite

No social media campaign can function properly if the team's not equipped with an intuitive tool that tracks analytics.

Hootsuite is the go-to resource for a complete overview of the social media metrics that matter most to your brand.

The interface prides itself on being easy to understand for the everyday user, with visual explanations that convey the most pertinent information.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

Using Hootsuite, you can design custom boards capable of capturing an unlimited amount of real-time reports on all of your social media activity. With these metrics, you can gain an in-depth measurement of how your Facebook or Twitter profiles are performing throughout your campaign.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

You can also put your team’s responsiveness to the test and measure exactly how quickly they reacted to comments or questions directed their way on social media.

3 Collaboration Tools Every Social Media Marketing Team Needs | Social Media Today

With this information, you can get a good sense of how to boost response time and optimize your efforts across the board.

Hoosuite enables you to easily share every piece of analytical information with your team. All metrics can simply be brought together into a finalized report to be analyzed to improve your ROI.

Social media teams of all sizes can benefit from Hootsuite. The performance metrics provide tangible insights that measure how well your content is being distributed and shared amongst your audience. This information is key to improving your brand for the future.

Over to You

With all the hustle and bustle involved in creating and executing a social media campaign, collaboration tools can be a team’s best friend.

From content creation all the way to final analytics, these platforms can do wonders to maximize your effort and productivity.

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