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How to Create and Grow Your Brand on Vine, and Why You Should’ve heard of it. It’s like Instagram, but for video? Doesn’t Instagram already do video?...

If you don’t know what Vine is, you might be missing out on a powerful tool for your brand. The community on Vine is ultimately younger, fresher, and hipper than the folks on Instagram, and as one of the fastest growing apps out there, its community is sure to grow. On Vine you’ll find a collection of wannabe comedians, documentary filmmakers, and how-to mavens -- in general, a much more cinematic place than Instagram, where videos trend toward cute pet moments and prolonged selfies (15 seconds is a generous limit, but to me, perhaps too long sometimes...).

Indeed, the 6-second, looping quality of Vine videos makes them both addictive and surprising. Everyone competes for the cleverest punchline 6 seconds can deliver. I’ve written elsewhere about Simply Sylvio, a hipster gorilla whose Vines might represent the pinnacle of achievement on the app.

So, if you’re not on Vine yet, what are the facts you need to know, and how can you get started? This infographic brought to us by SurePayroll has all of the answers and more.

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