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Leading Marketers Discuss Emerging Trends in Video Content [Video]

I recently attended the Videonomics Summit in Santa Monica, where a group of leading marketers gathered to take an in-depth look at the emerging trends in video marketing. In a wide ranging series of discussions, these executives tackled everything from content creation to emerging platforms, cutting edge tools to new influencer partnerships. 

I've compiled a collection of key highlights and notes in the video below, featuring interviews with:

  • Raakhi Agrawal (Digital Strategy Marketing Manager at Nestle)
  • Lily Knowles (VP of Marketing at Vizio)
  • Rah Mahtani (Digital Communications Manager at Jack in the Box)
  • Noah Lomax (Global Consumer Social Strategy Manager at HP)
  • Jeff Pray (SVP of Starcom USA) 
  • Shannon Pruitt (President at The Story Lab NA)

Watch to learn:

  • Where Nestle spends its first digital dollars
  • Why Jack in the Box uses both celebrity and micro influencers
  • Why HP feels influencer marketing is so effective
  • What The Story Lab feels is the most fundamental and critical thing for a brand to have in this day and age

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