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LinkedIn Adds Images in Comments, New Opportunities for Job Listings

Here’s a small, yet interesting update. LinkedIn has announced that users can now add images into their comments on posts.

LinkedIn Adds Images in Comments, New Opportunities for Job Listings | Social Media TodayLinkedIn's been working to update their systems of late, adding in new tools and features as part of their recent re-design, and working to refine them in line with audience demand.

Amongst those new additions are an automated summary generation tool, Trending Storylines to deliver sector-specific news updates and features, improved feed control options and the ability to save links for later, while they’re also working on native video tools, with a dedicated app already available to LinkedIn Influencers.

In isolation, each of these additions is relatively small, but when looked at from a wider perspective, you can see how LinkedIn is working to improve the user experience, and how the various tools and options are helping to deliver on this front.

On another note, LinkedIn may also soon get a boost for their job listings, with Google announcing a new tool which uses algorithms to help people find jobs direct from Google search results, by sorting through the various listings relevant to their query from all the major job sites – including LinkedIn.

As explained by TechCrunch:

“Once you find a job, Google will direct you to the job site to start the actual application process. For jobs that appeared on multiple sites, Google will link you to the one with the most complete job posting. “We hope this will act as an incentive for sites to share all the pertinent details in their listings for job seekers,” a Google spokesperson told me.”

This may work in LinkedIn’s favor, with the platform having higher domain authority, and more specific job information, which could enable them to rank better for such searches.

After being purchased by Microsoft back in June, LinkedIn's been working to re-focus their offerings and better align them with Microsoft’s suite of products, while also utilizing Microsoft’s resources to refine and improve their machine learning and data-matching systems. If LinkedIn’s able to fully utilize their unmatched professional data resources, it could soon become the platform for job seekers, the place you have to go to find your next position.

It’ll be interesting to see how their systems develop in line with their partnership.

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