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Which Social Networks Do People Trust the Most?

There’s some new data coming from Adweek about how people use social media to learn about new products. This infographic created by Carlos Monteiro summarizes the results of the Accenture Interactive's Acquity Group's 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study, which takes “a deep look into social habits across demographics.”

“Our study looks at the way digital technologies such as social media are shaping customer preferences,” Accenture Interactive managing director Jay Dettling told Adweek. “Marketing is witnessing a huge shift in what consumers expect from brands during their buying journey. The insights and data points provided in our report will help marketers better understand how consumers want to digitally engage with products and services and help them create updated experiences that resonate.”

Some of the key takeaways: Some are not surprising, for example, millennials are likely to buy products that appear in their feeds, but seniors are not. Some things are unexpected, for example, people tend to trust Facebook more than print newspapers.

Want to use the most trusted kind of message to reach your audience? Then make a funny video. Least trusted social network? Snapchat. 

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