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The 2015 State of Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which networks are most popular? How can marketers use them to reach a wider audience?

This infographic from JBH in collaboration with Smart Insights and Similarweb answers these questions and harnesses the latest trends for marketers.

What new features will be most important to marketers?

Facebook has made changes to its Newsfeed visibility. Twitter’s Periscope allows users to stream live broadcast and provides recording services. Instagram now offers carousel ads, which feature URLs and photos that can be swiped to reveal more information. As well, Pinterest’s Buyable Pins are live.

What I found most interesting about this infographic is that the data is international, instead of focused exclusively on the US. Worldwide, the YouTube app has greater market penetration than the Facebook app.

Also, because more and more Internet users use their phones instead of desktop computers, Twitter and Pinterest, which are more popular via mobile, might see greater growth in the next while.

And what do people buy online? According to this infographic, wedding related purchases make up 11.38% of online spending, while clothing comprises a mere 6.14%. I’m a bit dubious about these numbers.

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