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Social Media Quick Tip: Create a Resume from Your LinkedIn Profile

Today I’m going to show you how to create an actual resume from your LinkedIn profile. Once logged into LinkedIn, open a new tab with resume.linkedinlabs.com.

Click 'new resume' at the top of the screen and you're provided with a heap of options. Without even typing anything in, it'll automatically create an awesome looking resume for you, and there are tons of different templates available to use.

You may want to go into your LinkedIn profile and add your address - something you wouldn’t normally keep on LinkedIn - so it’s there for your resume. Then, once you pull all the necessary information, you can edit it however you want. Then you save and export your resume to PDF and you’ve got a resume that's perfect.

As long as you have an updated LinkedIn profile you can go to resume.linkedinlabs.com anytime and create a resume, export it, save it as a PDF, and send it out to whoever needs it. You no longer have to maintain a separate resume.

Cool stuff, right?

This post originally appeared on Karen Yankovich’s blog

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