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Advertising on Facebook [#SMTLive Recap]

For this week's Twitter chat, we decided to dive deep into Facebook advertising. There are so many ways marketers can capitalize on Facebook for business growth, one significant feature being Facebook ads. 

Now that marketers everywhere are jumping on board and Facebook Newsfeeds are being filled with ads, it's even more critical to strategize in order to stand out from the crowd. And given that this is a hot topic, we thought it would be an appropriate subject for an #SMTLive Twitter chat

So for this chat we decided to focus on all the basics of Facebook advertising. We wanted this week's participants to share their experiences -- what has brought them success, what they struggle with and why ads matter in their social strategy. 

To make the chat useful for everyone involved, we decided to bring in one of the pros--Antonio Calero from AdEspresso. Thank you, Antonio, for co-hosting this chat and sharing your expertise.

Here is a brief recap of some of the best ideas and advice shared during the chat.

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